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Johannes and Magdalena (Pfeifer) Windholz

Windholz Facts/Info

Johannes and Magdalena (Pfeifer) Windholz were the first generation to immigrate to Kansas in 1878.  They followed their eldest son John, single at the time, who arrived in 1876 and sent word back to the family to join him.

According to Alexander Windholz in Germany: Windholzes in Russia bore the nickname Karte Macher (map maker). His father, Anton Windholz, told him our first known ancestor, Anton Windholz, who emigrated from Regensburg to Russia, drew maps resulting in the nickname.

Windholz The name translates from the German as Windwood. Legend has it our people were allowed to collect storm fallen branches for firewood in Kingdom forests.


Windholz Brothers - Kansas 1906
Windholz Brothers from about the early 1900s

Back row:
Martin (1886-1952), Peter (1891-1942), Joseph (1892-1961) and Alex (1894-1964)
Front row:
Adam (1888-1976), Andrew (1884-1961) and John (1881-1927)

Windholz News/Updates

Private Family Website We have a new website for family members only. It is restricted for registered users who have been approved for password protected access. A family tree is being added online and can be updated by family members. It also contain photos and contact information plus other features are on the way.

Facebook Groups: The Relative Conncetion and All The Windholz's Unite


September 18-19, 2010 has been set for a reunion of all whose ancestry traces back to Anton and Theresa (Gerber) Windholz who immigrated to Russia. The Reunion will be held in Hays Kansas. At this time we have interest expressed from a cousin in Brazil and cousins in Germany to attend the reunion. (read the Simon Windholz Story below)

The dates are those of the Midwest Deutsche Oktoberfest in Hays, Kansas where facilities, music, food and beverages are available with reserved seating. Combining the reunion with dates of the Midwest Deutsche Oktoberfest which is a Genuine German Oktoberfest that welcomes reunions and kids and is one more reason for out of state Windholz' to come to Hayes for this Reunion

Facebook Fans - Click Here to see the event on Facebook

Poster about Oktoberfest

Brochure promoting Ellis County as the German capitol of Kansas

Oktoberfest Website

For information or registration for the Windholz Reunion or reservations for Windholz reunion RV hookups ($15.00 per night) contact Oren Windholz at

SATURDAY, September 18, 2010

9:00 a.m.
Registration in section reserved for Windholz: name tags according to children of Johannes and Magdalena (Pfeifer) Windholz

Meet Carlos Lohrmann and his father Adolfo Carols Lohrmann Windholz from Buenos Aires, Argentina

10:00 a.m.
Opening ceremonies of Oktoberfest

11:00 a.m.
Choose from the following before or after lunch
Historic documents and photo displays and continuous photos on PC
Computer assistance for genealogy and contact with relatives in Germany and Russia.
Sale of hats and T-shirts
Sale of 5 books related to Windholz history and genealogy

Noon: Choicer of full German dinner buffet in the air conditioned reserved seating or choice of booth selections on the Fairgrounds.
Afternoon: Continuous German music including the Wes Windholz Band and continuous availability of food and beverages. Many outside activities

SUNDAY, September 19

10:00 a.m.
Deutsche Messe
11:00 a.m.
Continuation of Oktoberfest activities

Texas Windholz have confirmed attending. The branch of Hubert Windholz Sr (son of Andrew, Johannes II, Johannes) has confirmed that they will attend the Reunion. Four of the Five siblings reside in Texas.

California Windholz have confirmed attending. The branch of Ferdinand Windholz II (son of Ferdinand, Andrew, Johannes II, Johannes) will be coming from California.

Nevada Windholz have confirmed attending. Adam Windholz (son of Seraphin, son of Adam, son of Johannes) will be there!

Kansas Windholz have confirmed attending.  The Martin branch of Johannes and Magdalena will have a good representation at the reunion. Many still live in Ellis County and attend the annual Oktoberfest events.

Illinois Windholz have confirmed attending. Jim and his wife Judy Windholz will be there. Jim is the son of Pancratius (Penny), son of Johannes A., son of Andreas, son of Johannes.

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Windholz Articles

Does Anyone Know What Time It Is???

I found this clock for sale on ebay!

The Sacred Heart Catholic Church

The Sacred Heart Catholic Church was built on land donated by the Windholz Family in Emmeram, Kansas, Ellis County. The cornerstone was laid in May 1899. Click on the pictures to see larger photos and more info!


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